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    Magic Eight-Ball

    Click the 8-ball to see your future!

    Test Emily's psychic abilities. They are actually pretty good, though she has no idea how to predict her own future. Her Magic Fate-Ball has all the answers to life's questions ... go ahead and try it out!

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    Can you decipher FREEDOM's

    prophetic poem?

    (she admits she was high)

    When first the raven sings

    of dis-prized love

    And freedom flies

    beside the mourning dove

    When vital values multiply by two

    And insects buzz

    of jewels to much adieu


    Then comes the fateful day

    of life's creation

    Which signals from beyond

    The Third Negation.

    In haste to work their will,

    the seers three

    Divine in vain to name the Judas Tree


    In fresh vermilion folds

    the blade will sink

    A furtive purse provides the missing link

    In silence, then,

    revenge will match its mate -

    The Saffron Way leads

    to the Shadowed Gate.

    Your Own Name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Replace LENORE on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Click the star to add your name!

    Lenore's movie-diva ego is as big as California itself, though she was always billed in Hollywood as "Woman at Gate" or "Titanic Drownee #46" -- HER Hollywood Star is only imagined, so just click the image above to replace Lenore's name with your own and then she will be truly be "nameless here, forevermore."
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    "OR DEATH"?

    Knock yourself out. CHOOSE:


    1. "CAKE, PLEASE."




    2. "UMMM, DEATH."

    (No wait, I meant cake!)