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    Cake or Death, a Wacky Suspense Play, to Premiere in Tennessee March 4

    "a wacky suspense play"

    Broadway World Review

    "a roller-coaster of a ride..."

    Nashville Scene Critic's Pick

    " Even the dapper, sophisticated Sir Noel could probably groove with it ..."

    Out and About

    " a family friendly, comedy, murder mystery ..."

    Nashville Pride

    " Just in time for all things that go bump in the night..."

    Audience Reviews

    Audience Reviews:

    "Cake or Death is as much about the passing of the 20th Century and who we were as it is about the truth behind these unsolved murders ... there's no place like home; just be careful who you let in the door!

    -Jaz Dorsey

    Nashville Theatre Lost & Found


    "Cake or Death takes you to a whole new level of murder mystery ... as phantoms from the next world pave the path to truth with their witty banter."

    -Phil Brady

    Nashville, TN


    "Blithe Spirit meets Three’s Company in this delightful collection of zany characters who prove that the force of girl bonding knows no limitations of time, personal style, the minor detail of gender, or even the larger detail of death. From the opening scene we fall in love instantly with the premise, the setting, and the well-drawn personalities, and even a conclusion that comes as a surprise feels absolutely right. A feel-good theatre evening with lots of laughs."

    -Pat Street

    Nashville, TN

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    "I love this play! It is quirky, intelligent, hysterically funny, and full of twists and surprises. It deserves to be performed over and over! It's hard to believe that it is the first script from these witty and articulate playwrights; I can't wait to see what they come up with next!"

    -Dan McGeachy

    Nashville, TN


    " ... a witty, rollicking, Hitchcockian, roller-coaster of a ride! Fun to the last crumb!"

    -Lynda Cameron-Bayer

    Nashville, TN


    "Cake or Death is really, really fantastic. You will laugh till you pee AND get a good dose of suspense too."

    -Jeffrey Williams

    Seattle, WA


    "What an awesome show; so many great points. It was funny, it moved quickly, I was engrossed in the characters, and it had a good story line. The fact that it's an original piece makes it even more wonderful."

    -Noemi Mendez, Nashville, TN